National Day of Prayer Event Help List

2017: If you are just reading this in March – or later, it’s still possible to pull together a community or church prayer event! Keep it simple: REMEMBER – PRAYER IS THE FOCUS

March: It’s not too late to begin!
• Officially invite local officials, police officers, chaplains, firemen, city council, etc
• Take posters to all local churches, houses of prayer, Christian schools, malls, coffee shops, (wherever people gather)
• Post your Event details on the NDPTF Website
• Keep committee informed; get updates
• Update with your leader coordinator; join national prayer call interceding for NDP coordinators • PRAY

April: Press On!
• Continue to promote with Continue to promote with radio, press releases, posters
• Secure proclamation (possible public signing), take pictures and post brief for blog, social media update or local media use
• Early in April, email your speakers, participants and musicians a program with schedule.
• Meet with team for progress report. Adjust as needed.
• Mid April, reconfirm speakers with date, time and location of your event and their time limit/topic. Review audiovisual needs with suppliers; confirm details.
• Review the web Media Section in the NDP Resource Manual below; inform media of your event date, time and location.
• Water bottles for presenters

May: Enjoy the Fruits
Before NDP:
• Meet with your team for a last-minute review of needs and confirmations and who will be filling those needs.

After NDP:
• Send thank you notes to your team, speakers, public officials, volunteers and anyone who contributed to the NDP event.
• Submit your event report online national website and send a short email report to your State Coordinator about your event.
• Complete event survey to help us learn what God has done and share the testimonies

June: Prayer and Thanksgiving
• Update database from event posters, people who purchased resources, new contacts
• Debrief with core team: praises and improvement
• Reserve space or secure permit for next year for public venues
• Join the and conference calls. To inquire | contact us: (available am and evening)

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