A Life of Significance

“If you want to change the world, invest in helping another person to reach his or her potential.”
—John Maxwell

What is the most strategic thing you could do to improve the life of others? Ask yourself what can I do the rest of my life to build a life of significance. John decided he wanted to add value to 10 people, he wanted to intentionally come into their life and compliment, complete, and add value to them. They never knew what John’s intention was; only that he was pleasant to be around. He soon discovered what his joy was and to do it.

Giving up your game and in a selfless way, begin to pour into the life of others. This was greater than personal success.  I know what I can do, but what can I do for others, with others.

THE BIG IDEA is that if you want to change the world, invest in helping another person reach their potential…

Change the world through, with, or beside someone…

Ask yourself…who could that person be?

Think: Who in your life could benefit from your life experience? Who could you invest in to help reach his or her potential? Now..Think of everyone you know in every area of your life.
How could you combine what you are passionate about with a person who can benefit from your experience in that area?

Do: Once you have identified this person, offer to become a mentor. Plan to come alongside this person for a season of time, months or even years — and meet periodically.

Set the time to meet once or twice a month, however works for both of you. Ask the person to come to the meeting with questions.

As long as the person is working to grow and as long as you are able to be helpful, continue to meet.

Tell: After you’ve identified someone to mentor, tell others about it. If you use social media, post using the hashtag #IntentionalLiving.

Read, Think…Then Ask Yourself…Who Could That Person Be?

Jann Durst, The Arizona National Day of Prayer Coordinator

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