Get Involved

Volunteer Responsibilities

A Volunteer for the Arizona National Day of Prayer Task Force is expected to maintain a healthy Christian lifestyle, first and foremost. As a volunteer, you will be an extension of our state office, therefore being a ministry ambassador everywhere you go.

Main Duties

Be active in your community: A great way to get involved in your community is to develop a relationship with other prayer ministries, churches, pastors’ networks, etc. by attending their meetings and sharing the vision of the Arizona National Day of Prayer Task Force. Work with these groups to gain support in uniting the community on the National Day of Prayer.

• Host an event: Plan a church, community, or city event and work with local leaders to develop a program, budget, and operational plan to unite the city in prayer on the National Day of Prayer.

• Spread the word: Encourage others in your city, and surrounding cities, to get involved.

If you would like to volunteer, send an email to the address below.